For the student blogging challenge we had to leave 10 comments on 10 blogs. I have only done 4 but here they are:

student 1

Hi Daniel,

Your blog is great.

I think that Δίας θεός του φωτός in English is Zeus was the god of light. I think that it is Greek. Am I right?

Here I have a quiz for you!!

What lives in the dark?

And eats words?

Hope you can answer it!!

Smiling Sarah


student 2

Hi Em,

Your glosters are great. I have used it too and it is fun to be creative in different ways. I listened to your voki. I also like meeting new people and drinking new drinks. I love painting too and mixing colours to make different ones.

Your blog is great keep writing your interesting post and you will have lots of comments.

Smiling Sarah

 Student 3

Hi Chole,
Your blog is great.
I have never tried bridge jumping mabey because I live in sydney. I am sure that I would love to do it. You must be very good at it.
Does it cost money?
How long is the jump?
How deep is the water?
In your other post you have talked alot about dancing, not like you I don’t really like dancing but I do enjoy it. I like to run more that anything.
What type of dance do you do?


student 4

Hi Chillibasket,
I am smilingsarah from student blogging challenge.
Like you I also love to garden. My dad is a landscaper (builds gardens). He has taught me how to garden. My favourtie thing to do in the garden is enjoying the garden and the peacefulness, laying turf (rolling out grass) and planting plants. We used to have a vegi patch but that didn’t turn out so well because we didn’t have much sun in the place we were going to put and we didn’t have much room. Our garden is really nice.


Hope you like them


6 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Sarah,
    Your blog is really cool! I like the welcome sign! Where did you get that from? And all of your polls are very creative.
    -Sarah <3
    P.S. Nice name 🙂

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  3. To Smiling Sarah.

    Thanks for putting a link to my blog here. You made a really nice comment on my blog. It made me happy. You are nice. Thank you!

    I like your virtual pets. My favorite is the lizard. I like that one so much.


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