My poem is called “At the Beach”, I hope you enjoy it!!

At the Beach

Waves crash like sounding symbols in an orchestra

Seagulls squabble over food as children over ice cream

The ocean glistens a clear crystal blue

Quickly cars roll up and fill the car park

People race to the water and swim happily

Burnt skin needs creamy lotion

Itchy, coarse sand catches my towel

Kites flying high like planes in the sky

The salty breeze slowly finds its way through the crowd

The sun smiles and looks on

I am at the beach

By Sarah

6 thoughts on “Poem

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  2. Hi Sarah!
    My name is Olivia and I love your blog! I enjoyed reading this post about the ocean. You are a great poet! I really like your blog and I love going to the beach and in the ocean, too! Visit my blog at oliviac600.edublogs.org

  3. Hi Shuna,
    I just really like the beach it is one of my favourite places. I love writing poems. I do like writing stories and i love fantasy!!!
    Bye Smiling sarah

  4. Hi Sarah,
    That is a very very VERY good poem. I could never write a poem that good. My favorite part was probably……. acually I loved the whole thing. How did you get the idea to write a beach poem? And also do you like writing poems? Writing poems is not my favorite. I like writing stories. Mostly fiction and fantasy. Do you like writing stories? Nice blog post plus poem. Bye Shauna

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I love this poem it’s a day at the beach where all the kids have kites and there parents relaxing oh how fun it sounds!

    Keep blogging do you know when the Kony thing started?
    From lollieslol(Lily)

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